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For this blog entry, I would like to talk about dreams.

Let me start by saying that since February 16, 2010, I have been keeping a diary, which I have written an entry in for every single day (not on every day – I allow retroactive entries). Actually, it’s not for every day at the moment, as I’m behind in updating it. I would go do that now, but I wanted to write this blog first/instead.

At any rate, I use this diary as a place to record my daily transgressions experiences, write off my feelings, track my academic achievements, and, last but not least, to commit my dreams to a sort of prosthetic memory. I’ve always been interested in dreams: what they are, whence they come, how to interpret them (if at all), how to influence them, and why they are so strange all the time. I’ve always wanted to remember them as well, and when at some point I actually tried, I found out that it really wasn’t all that difficult. In fact, within a week or two of my keeping a dream journal (which was way before the diary that I mentioned above), I was remembering several dreams a night in levels of detail. (Unfortunately, I was never able to master the skill of lucid dreaming.)

I’m not particular about dream privacy, generally speaking, and I think dreams can be amusing, interesting, funny, exciting, and touching. So, I thought I would share some that I had in the past years (taken from my diary), in hopes others might get enjoyment out of them as well.

May 22, 2010

I was in a building which was familiar to me in my dream but not so much in real life, with people whom I knew fairly well in my dream but not at all in real life. I had a kind of power that allowed me to charm people and, shall we say, approach them physically without being rejected. I tried this first on some woman, and then an extremely attractive boy whose hair was black even by Asian standards. I believe his name was Tai. I made advances on him, and it almost seemed as though he was about to protest in spite of my powers. This, I believed in my dream, was not because he didn’t like me, but just because his personality was reserved, similar to my own personality when I’m not dreaming. In the end, he came with me all the same.

All this was forgotten (literally; my dream self too) later on, as something else was going on. I entered a room where two other boys were talking, not quite arguing, but in an uncomfortable situation all the same. I think Tai had done something wrong, or was embarrassed about something. It may have had to do with his physical health, although I don’t recall exactly. One of the other boys said, “Alright, well, I’ll just pretend that nothing was going on now, then.” The other said, “And me too.” (Or a Dutch equivalent that sounds less strange.) So I said I would too, and proceeded to look around casually for something else to do, unrelated to Tai’s discomfort. This seemed to help him feel better, and I felt that I was being kind to him.

The first boy, the one who had said we would act as if nothing was going on – he reminds me of Saburo from Chris Bradford’s “Young Samurai” series – had started telling a story, but then suddenly gasped, attempted to continue, but again stopped to try and catch his breath, and then fainted or fell unconscious. That is, he attempted to make it seem that way. It was quite obviously fake, so Tai, the other boy and I kind of looked at each other uncertainly, but decided to play along and help him come back around. When he did, he was a bit embarrassed as well, aware of his failed bit of acting, but he seemed calm about it all the same. With a half-smile, he explained that he thought it would have been a nice effect since I had seen him earlier, sitting on a window sill – the idea being that it therefore would evoke ideas of depression and suicide. The funny thing was that this whole scenario had reduced, not increased, the overall level of discomfort in the room. Maybe that’s why the boy had actually done this, to take away from Tai’s abashment, or to kind of show that everyone did something awkward from time to time and attenuate the shame that way. If that was the case, that was a very nice thing for him to do. At any rate, intended or not, that was the effect it had.

Tai was very attractive. I remember that for the rest of the day, I couldn’t get him out of my head, dream character or not.

August 12, 2010

I was inside a travel trailer, and was just wondering whether I was on my own there, when I heard or saw someone in the shower compartment. It looked dangerously cold, as if the young boy or girl inside was freezing. I asked loudly if the person inside (it turned out to be a girl) needed help and she said she did, so I opened the window. It appeared that she recuperated somewhat from this, and opened some extra windows, herself. Understanding she would be alright now, I walked away, but she told me to wait (either in Dutch or English, I’m not sure – later on, the dream certainly was in English). When I came back, she gave me a €2.00 coin. At this point, I was aware that this girl was my sister, so I asked her who she thought I was. She was giving me money, after all, and that was a strange thing to do to a brother as payment for helping her. She said, “You are the son of aunt such-and-such” (where such-and-such was some name – also, I’m not sure if this was “son” and “aunt”, but she was referring to some family member other than a brother). I decided not to correct her, and said, “Precisely, so I’m family and you don’t have to pay me.”

Later on, I was with an adult who wasn’t really shown. I was asked to check in on my sister, who was once again freezing in the shower. From this point on, the dream was a bit like a movie trailer. There was a shot of my sister in the shower with a voice-over of her own character, saying, “I know it is too cold, however…” or something along those lines. We also saw myself helping her out of the shower, and asking her who she thought I was. She said, “You are the sister who helped me.” Again, I told her she was right at first, but then I thought, no, what am I saying, and I told her I was her brother.

We were also shown how I went to check in on the shower several times when my sister was not in there, and would look up at the ceiling to see a face, a bodiless head, hanging there. I think this was the head of our other sister, who was dead, killed by some strange men. One of these strange men was shown to come over and have a confrontation with one of my sisters (not sure if this was the dead one, at this point still living, or the live one). This sister was wearing a sort of glove on one hand, and would squeeze that hand shut, at which point she could use her other hand for telekinesis. She could also cut through things, similar to the way Sylar does in Heroes. And, similar to the way he often does, she killed this man by making a gash in his forehead. A voice-over, rather cryptically, said, “Future battles in this Western against this man seemed to disappear.”

Although strange in hindsight, it was all rather beautiful and exciting. Particularly interesting was the way I really cared about my dream sister, similar to how one would care for a real sibling, and wanted to help her. It was also neat that all three of us had similar psychic powers.

August 15, 2010

My brother Max and I were out on some campsite, and taking pictures of each other. I was having fun with this, because they all turned out alright and some were really pretty and artistic. He took one of me where I made an excessively happy face. He asked me to make that face again, which I soon managed, and I took a picture of him taking a picture of me with the face again.

Later, he was walking on a ridge of hills against the horizon, and I took pictures of him, from a distance. He was throwing a ball up in the air and catching it again. The first picture I took was just him, walking on that hill. In the second, he had thrown up the ball and was looking up at it; in the background, an airplane was flying by quite low. In the third and last picture, the airplane was crashing and exploding because Max had distracted the pilot by throwing the ball. In my dream, the drama of this was neglected, and I was laughing at the silliness of it. My brother went over to look, and to suggest that the pilot visit an airstrip quite nearby, but the pilot was just angry and didn’t listen. He said, “You made my airplane crash!” I wanted to go over and help, but I was laughing too much. Later, when my brother and I were back in our tent, I thought that I could have said that it wasn’t really Max’s fault – there was really no need for the pilot to be so disproportionately distracted.

I hope you enjoyed these few dreams. This ended up becoming quite long quite quick, so I’ll stop now, but maybe I’ll do another such entry later on, describing more dreams. I’m unlikely to run out very soon – I literally have hundreds more written down.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share your thoughts about any of this.


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