See how a dream gets built

I dreamt the following on April 2nd, 2012.

I was in a car with my father, with death and destruction all around – bombs, airplanes, gunfire, all sorts of craziness. However, I knew I was protected because of the car and my dad.

Cut to a wooden shed where a number of prisoners were being held. A man came rushing in, looking to blow himself up. He looked like some actor, with a boyish face and brown hair. He was also a prisoner and had given up on life. However, the rest of us convinced him that we weren’t ready for that yet ourselves, and that if he was to do this, he should at least blow up the soldiers keeping us captive instead of us. He went to do this, and in doing so, took over the role of the main character.

We (the audience, being just me, the dreamer) followed him in some room where the main boss guy – I guess if the others were soldiers, this would be the general, or something – was located. It was some type of botanical garden and had the form of a sort of maze made out of hedges and plant exhibits, spiraling squarely, that is, with right angles, through the room, with the general in a corner near the way in and out. The man with the bombs made his way through the spiral, attempting to be inconspicuous so the boss wouldn’t get wise to what he was up to. Making sure not to head straight for his target, the man eventually reached him, and he detonated the bombs… only to find that the explosion was far too weak, and did not hurt the general at all.

The general gave a smug look, as if he had known all along. Thankfully, the main character was not hurt either by the very weak blast, and managed to run off. He found a little barn to hide in somewhere, and then fled some more after that. At this point, it was really ‘me’ playing this part, and I think the character was also replaced by me as a person. Several soldiers were still giving chase, with one in particular being close by. This was a young man with dirty blond hair, and this now took place in the vegetable garden in my old home in the little town where I grew up, which was kind of square with a tall hedge around it and little paths going through it. The hedge in the back of the garden was less tall and dense, and I managed to get behind it, and hide in some hole that I had found with a wooden roof over it. Or, rather, there was a tiny dirt mound directly underneath the roof that I was kind of lying on top of or behind.

I could still see my pursuer from where I was situated. He was walking around and looking this way and that, until at some point it seemed like he looked right at me and we made eye contact. We held it for quite a number of seconds, but in the end it appeared he had not noticed me, and he eventually returned to camp. When I dared to breathe again, I look around at my surroundings, and found that it was more than just a wooden roof: I was actually inside a proper little wooden house, with several rooms and two floors (one of which was below me, so the whole thing didn’t reach too high, which allowed it to not stand out very much). I was very happy, because it was clearly out of use, so I could freely inhabit it, and it gave me a very safe and homely feeling. There was sustenance, and some weaponracks – it seemed to be some kind of base for a resistance.

When I explored further, I found that the cabin was connected with a sprawling thieves’ empire, the base of a thief guild. At first, it seemed to be located up in the clouds, with me flying over it, or perhaps this was just a fly-over camera shot by way of a tour for myself, as the dreaming audience. However, later on, it was just a regular earth-based realm. I spoke with two men and explained my situation, and asked for their help. They immediately pledged themselves to my cause, and I remember being very pleased to find allies at this point in my dream. After all, I knew that it would only be a matter of time for the soldiers to discover my position and come after me again. In fact, somehow I was aware that they could be at the wooden cabin at any moment. I was very grateful, and wanted to show my affection in some way. I meant to give them each a hug or something, but I guess I was shy, because in the end I only kind of stroked the upper arm of the both of them.

Later on, a group of thieves and I were running through a long corridor, and some fellow biology students, being thieves as well, were part of this group. I spoke with one of them as we went, and as often happens in dreams, some vague reference was made to something that I thought I remembered from real life but that never really happened. To be more precise, I asked her if that was why she had said, earlier on, that she would win if some fight would occur, because she was in this thieves’ guild – after all, the thieves were also good fighters. In fact, they were kind of like ninja. I think she agreed, and she pointed out some weapon that was in a sort of museum-like exhibit beside the corridor, behind glass panes. It was a strange object and had a strange name as well, and I think it was there mostly as a work of art, which is also the sense in which she appreciated it.

At any rate, we snuck our way back into the little house, which was now much bigger and was preceded by chambers reminiscent of the game Heretic. We made very slow progress and defeated a soldier here and there – they had indeed made their way into the building. I didn’t have any weapons, and kept wanting to fight along, but was unable to.

We came at the end of some hallway, where you could go either to the left or to the right. Two soldiers, unaware of our presence, were talking. One asked if the other wanted some tea. The other said he did, but he wanted plain water as well. At this point, one of the more hotheaded of our group of ninjas attacked and beat them, criticizing the second soldier in the meantime for wanting tea as well as water (which was apparently quite ridiculous). Although in retrospect I don’t agree with his indignation, I did think this ninja was rather cool at this point.

Later still, we found ourselves surrounding a tent, although we were still inside. It was a large army tent, and inside it were many soldiers that we didn’t want to alarm. Again, we proceeded very slowly and deliberately, remaining hidden for an extended period of time. Our leader left for a bit to spy on two men talking a little ways further. Then, suddenly, many more soldiers approached our position, from whom we all just barely managed to hide. At the last second, I was able to disappear behind the side of the tent without being seen.

All of a sudden, I had a weapon. It was wrapped in plastic, but sounds of plastic were coming from all around me, so I was able to unwrap it without drawing any attention to myself. It didn’t look quite as dangerous as I had first thought, but I was happy all the same that I finally had a weapon. I was very enthusiastic the whole time to fight along. In fact, I felt just like that young guy in Planet of the Apes that my brother and my friend were very annoyed by, but who of course is actually kind of cool and very attractive (Birn I think, played by Luke Eberl). Much moreso, at least, than that young woman who was also there and they kept… talking about, to put it nicely. (Daena, played by Estella Warren.) (This was all in real life, mind you.)

At some point, we were found out anyway, but the situation wasn’t as explosive as might have been expected. It was more like a stare down. Specifically, on the side of the soldiers was some young blond guy, attractive. For some reason it was known that he was homosexual, and all of a sudden the side of the enemy was a bit more seductive, superficially. I wasn’t really tempted to change sides, however, because I did retain my conviction for and loyalty to the thieves’ guild. Especially when this blond guy was confronted by one of the ninja: another young guy, black of hair, short. He was also known to be gay. Where the blond guy was rather collected, with a very serious expression, our guy was clearly full of fire (Rikichi factor 10) and youth, which spoke to me more. That, and the fact that he was also very cute, sexy in an androgynous way.

I don’t quite know how this situation progressed – in fact, perhaps it didn’t, because we were in a very different setting later on, but the story was still pretty much at the same stage, so we might have just jumped to a different environment. This environment consisted of very tall pillars, probably tens of meters off the ground (in fact, I don’t think the ground really played a role at all). They were approximately a meter and a half in width/diameter (I’m not sure whether they were cylinders or cuboids). There were some other things up in the sky as well that I could not identify, or at least not later on when trying to recount the dream from my waking state.

Both boys – the blond soldier and the black-haired ninja – were standing atop these pillars in fighting positions, and there was a girl, I believe another ninja, involved as well. Without warning, a fight erupted, and the three persons involved were now magicians, reminiscent of those in the Harry Potter universe, but with lots of teleporting back and forth as in the movie Jumper. As in that movie, there was fighting at great heights, falling through the air and then teleporting elsewhere again.

At some point the girl was also falling, but she was spinning at such a speed that she was disoriented and couldn’t jump to safety. In other words, she was in grave danger. However, she was saved by a man who looked like the leader of the thief guild, sporting a white beard. He raced through the air after her, and used Spiderman-like skills to rescue her. He seemed like quite a hippie to me (which of course made me like him more). I myself wasn’t really nearby, but since we were all telepathically linked somehow, I could contact him anyway and ask him whether he was okay. Even while still being all heroic, he responded with something along the lines of “just fine”. When he was back and I saw him standing next to our actual leader, I kind of rewinded the scene to confirm that he was indeed a different person, because at first I had thought he actually was our leader shifting through the air like a hippie Spiderman.

That’s about all I remember. I can honestly say that this was one of the most exciting and fun dreams I recall ever having, and I hope to have more like it in the future.

(Cover image by Liviu Mihai, pulled off


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